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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Back to the meadow

I ran late today because of Fourth of July activities. I set out to run mid-morning but already the parade watchers were lining up, so I decided to wait until after the festivities to go run, which meant it was after noon (I didn't want to get stuck watching in my pitted-out running gear).

By all accounts it was a success, but I didn't bother with it, having my own little one-man parade to the large meadow south if Herrin Lake Road. The flowers, as you can see, were plentiful.

These are, once again, a colorful little succulent called owl clover. It was scattered all over the big meadow.

And these, of course, are buttercups. It's supposed to be reaching well into the 90s in the coming week, so the cool season apparently is over. Now everyone will start worrying about fire danger. Today it was 84 on my way back to town.

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