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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Contour again

I swear the cracks in the road that appeared the day after our 5.8 earthquake have widened. I went back there today. I'll be interested to hear what the woman I see up there from time to time thinks (her name is Laura and she actually works for the Forest Service. I reported the cracks the day after the quake and the folks at the FS office weren't very interested. But Laura runs there a lot and I met her going up today as I was coming down. I told her where to look.).

Today I counted my steps along the crack, and it came to a total of more than 300 feet long!

This is just the usual vista from the primary vista point along the road, probably half a mile short of today's turnaround spot.

Many harebells bloom in the hills around here right now, but I don't think I'd purposely photographed them this year.

Unlike this favorite, yarrow. It'll bloom all summer.

5; 29.5; 39.5; 317.5
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