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Friday, July 07, 2017

Cracks in the earth!

The Humbug Contour Road, which kind of sidehills around the lower flanks of Baldy Mountain, has developed new cracks for scores of feet since the earthquake the night before last. I drove to the Forest Service ranger office to tell them about it, but I must say they seemed uninterested, almost dismissive. Apparently it's a "private road" and not their concern(?).

I know the FS operates the gates (saw a FS truck up there last week when the upper gate was opened.

This shows the length of some of it. The worst were about 1.5-2 miles up from the Stemple Pass Road trailhead, but there were more cracks lower down. I ran there the day before the quake and I'm sure the cracks weren't there then (I watch my footing pretty closely).

The view southward up Poorman Creek seemed prettier than usual today, but I'm not sure this picture captures it. Oh well.

I turned around at the upper gate. Felt good; pretty morning (50s and calm).

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