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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fire on Stonewall

An almost rainless thunderstorm that went through the valley Friday evening while I was at a barbecue at a friend's house west of town started a fire on the south flanks of Stonewall Mountain straight north of Lincoln. This is what the fire looked like Sunday afternoon from the Humbug Contour Road vista point. I went there Sunday early in order to beat the heat.

The weather Friday night and/or Saturday was obviously not rainless on the Contour Road — this is about as big as this particular puddle ever gets. It's just uphill from Disappearing Creek, so a little more than a mile up the road from where I park.

The 150-foot crack that appeared in the road after a 5.8 earthquake centered near this road in the wee hours July 6 is not mending itself!

I've posted quite a few pictures of harebells in the past week or two, but they are pretty. Also some yarrow in this shot. Yarrow blooms pretty much all summer.

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