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Monday, July 24, 2017

Long on the Contour Road

From just yesterday to today, this giant puddle (really big, almost blocking the road a week ago) has all but disappeared.

I ran later today because a morning shuttle appointment got postponed to tomorrow. I shot this from one of the vista points toward the fires, and as you can see they've calmed down a bit today. I think it might be because the wind is more or less northerly, which puts the fires in the lee of Stonewall Mountain.

In any case, the smoke reprieve was welcome. Warmer during the later run, however, ranging from 68 to 78 in the 90 minutes or so of shuffling.

Here's the turnaround spot, a faded trail that cuts off the last big switchback before the saddle.

Felt pretty good, considering today's run was something of an afterthought.

7; 7; 82.5; 360.5
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