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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Run from Stemple

I gave a ride to "Glider" (David Kyle) to Stemple Pass, then I ran from the Pass to the south, which I'd never done before. Glider is my age (about two weeks younger, actually) and is mostly from California.

I did this selfie with bearagrass in the background just a short way up the trail from the pass. It was a warm day (80 degrees) and the trail went up almost 500 feet in just a little over a mile. It was OK going up, but the steepness on the return made me nervous (gravel and steep down, which reminded me of the fall I took in April 2016 that laid me up for several months. I made it uneventfully, though.

This from a high point on the trail (6,888) and shows a faded CDT sign with Red Mountain in the distance (the highest in the Bob Marshall Complex). Beautiful up there ... I'll do it again if anyone wants a ride there again (it's an unusual place for through hikers to get off the trail because there's not much traffic up there).

I took this crew to Rogers before going to Stemple this morning. They are Andy (left), Christopher Roma (man bun) and another guy whose name escapes me. We picked him up hitching by the highway in town.

5; 13.5; 23.5; 301.5
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