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Thursday, July 13, 2017

To the upper gate

I go by this big, dead tree every time I run on the Humbug Contour Road, but its relief against the early morning sun across the valley must have made it jump out at me today. If you look closely just to the right of the tree, you can see a two-thirds-full, waning moon.

I went all the way to the upper (and now-open) gate, an uneventful but pleasant trot. Sunny, calm and cool — 47 at the outset and 60 when I got back to the car. Shuttling a couple of runners at 11, then I hope to work on mowing (weed-whacking, more like) this afternoon.

I'm not sure why I can never resist shooting this view across the Lincoln Valley to the north, but today was no exception.

6; 11; 50.5; 328.5
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