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Monday, August 07, 2017

Humbug with Bert

On the final stretch, here's Bert going down toward the car on the Humbug Contour Route.

And here's Swi at our turnaround spot with Baldy in the background

It was a chilly morning — in the 40s — thus the long shirts.

Tall man says howdy from the Humbug. Last week we did some power hiking with Swi's friend from Richmond and his brother. 5 miles up the Dearborn and back on a 100-degree day; and a couple of Rogers Pass jaunts with another on Stemple while resupplying the water cache. No thru hikers in more than a week, but the northbounders are reaching southwest Montana now.

Smoke from the fires north of town is visible but not blowing up.

5; 5; 5; 365.5

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