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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Out of the smoke

We returned to the Humbug Contour Road, earlier in the morning, and repeated the last couple of visits there. Today, Swi dragged me into a slightly faster pace so that I got to my usual 11-to-12-minute milepost at Disappearing Creek in about 10 minutes! I slowed a bit and let Bert go ahead with the agreement that we'd turn around at 30 minutes.

The above is looking uphill from my turnaround spot, which is farther than it has been but not as far as Swi's. I'd guess he got about half a mile ahead of me, and so ran closer to 6 than to my 5.

This is looking downhill from the same spot.

Fixed a big breakfast of leftovers (old hash browns, a couple of pieces of potato pie and a couple of pork chops we grilled last night, plus eggs. Nice. Lazy day ahead.

5; 15; 15; 375.5
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