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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Colder loop

Repeating the standard route, but today I acquired a running mate. He joined me at the western gate to the state land and ran along with me for a mile or two before getting distracted by deer and another dog out by the road (a friend no doubt).

It was in the low 20s and overcast; the forecast is for falling temperatures and snow starting in a couple of hours.

Didn't appear to be any new tracks in the sculpture garden, but plenty of new ones around Hooper Park. The private land toward the river from Hooper was teeming with deer. I thought about venturing out onto that land and going east on an old road in there, but I decided that would be unwise until hunting season is over.

Fortunately, that season ends after this Sunday so I'll be able to venture back into the mountains, at least until the snow flies.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Art in the smoke

The tall man says good morning on a cold and oddly smoky day in the Lincoln valley. Today's route was just a repeat, more or less, of the previous days' zigzags through the sculpture garden.

Less than a week to go in hunting season, then I can start wandering farther afield and get back into some interesting country.

I mentioned smoke; here's Hill and Valley with sunbeams coming through the trees. Must be an inversion — temperature is 25 and the smoke from all the local stoves is just hanging.

This is Of Earth, etc., and it shows the smoke, too. I wonder if Noellyn Pepos is a fan of Hunger Games/Mocking Jay movies? It occurred to me watching them this past weekend that the structures where the competitors get their weapons, etc., look something like this art installation.

Another new view of the Picture Frame sculpture. My wanderings today took me up close to it.

Someone had been in the park in the past day on a mountain bike, because the tracks went all over the place — almost as random as my meandering paths.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pretty day

Noellyn Pepos' "Of Earth, Of Sky, Of Place In Between" includes a blend created by a couple of inches of snow today. It was a cold day (20-22), but not too windy. The snow fell yesterday.

A woman (judging by the footprints) had been around on most of the trails sometime between the snowfall and this morning, but otherwise the track was pristine.

I zigzagged even more than usual, adding half a mile or so to the total.

Here's the village with even more snow on it.

While weaving among the pines, I heard a thumping and stopped to look. A pileated woodpecker was right above me, working on a ponderosa pine.

Also saw some whitetails.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Even colder

This is an unusual view of me (orange vest) "in" Irishman Alan Counihan's "House of Sky." I felt an unexpected wave of vertigo looking straight up to shoot this one and the next.

This is just a few steps east from the previous shot; yet another unusual view of this piece.

The trail, from start to finish, was frozen. It was (and is) snowing, but it's that odd kind of snow — I call it "ambient snow" because there just seem to be flakes floating around in the air, as in a snow globe. The temp was mid-20s and the breeze was gusty, so it was a nippy run.

My wandering route took me past all of the installations multiple times.

This closer view of American Steven Siegel's Hill and Valley, showing what it's made of: old newspapers — thousands of them. It'll be interesting to see how it holds up over time.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Repeat on ice

I did essentially the same run as yesterday, but it was quite different because of ice. The footing on the roaded parts of the route was treacherous — I didn't fall, but I did slip a couple of times. If the weather stays the same tomorrow, I will don the YakTrax.

Anyway, these are the big ponderosas at the back side of Hooper Park, where I started the route.

It was 25-30 with a brisk northwesterly wind and light snow. It got warm enough yesterday afternoon that the roads were warm when the overnight snow fell. That melted the snow at first, but by this morning it was glare ice.

I did the usual chasing of deer around in the sculpture garden.

I like several of the installations in the park, including the Picture Frame featured in yesterday's posting. Unaccountably, the village (above) that is part of Dane Jorn Ronnau's Gateway of Change never fails to capture my attention as I go by, and it grows on me.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stretching the route

I parked a little farther away — near the library — and repeated yesterday's route, more or less. Once inside the sculpture garden (the above is East-West Passage by March Jacobs and Sam Clayton of the UK), it's hard to say what routes I follow. I just wander around until my tracks in the snow occupy virtually all of the trails.

It was colder today — 25 when I looked — and dark and spitting snow, but running was very nice. I saw lots of deer, both near Hooper Park and on the sculpture garden.

This is the east end of my route (which started more than a mile and a half to the west and south), as well as the true entrance to the sculpture park. You can see the tepee burner in the background.

This is still my favorite, Picture Frame by Jaakko Pernu of Finland. It's almost 25 feet high, and is a giant frame filled with intricately interwoven branches.

This is the backside of the same piece. Felt good.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Snow and ice

Interesting morning. I went just as the sky was lightening, a little after 7, and parked near the restrooms in Hooper Park. From there I trotted east to the extension of Sucker Creek Road (that goes across private land down to the Blackfoot), then north to the west gate to the state land on Sucker Creek Road. It's the spot where yesterday I took the picture of the "Nature's Playground" sign.

What a difference a day makes. My YaxTrax might have been useful on the paved portions, because everything was coated with ice. Once in the sculpture garden (where the above snow-covered tepee burner was photographed), I was running on about an inch of snow, which was pleasant enough.

I zigzagged around the park, including past the collection of lean-tos and other shelters that were created by children late in the summer.

This is one of maybe a dozen such "forts" of varying size and complexity. The dusting of snow gives everything more contrast and makes the shapes more interesting.

The temperature was in the upper 20s, and there was an intermittently stiff westerly breeze, so it was a chilly run.

Even the gilded village takes on a new look in the snow.

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