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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back, tentatively

Heh heh, well I'm running again, but modestly. For too many reasons to explain here, I have been runless, but I'm back at it now, with 1+ runs the past couple of days, back on the River's Edge Trail in the moonlight.

Feeling good; feet OK: hoping to drive it up to 5 a day by December. I'm planning a prolonged trip to Europe in February and I hope running there will be a big part of my life there. My friends there run, and I can think of few places in MY world that would be better to trot through. The hills of Tuscany, the Pyrenees, the streets of Firenze -- what could be better?

The Sox are threatening after last night's disaster in St. Louis; woohoo.

Snow tonight in Lincoln, MT, and a fire in the living room. Life is good, I think.

1; 2; 2; 140
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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Divide again

This patch is about 3/4 mile up the trail, just past a pine grove that sometimes has a bear smell.

Coming back down the trail toward the aforementioned pine grove where the beargrass is thick.

Lovers of beargrass can have an easy show of it on the Continental Divide trail north of Rogers Pass, where I ran again this morning. Not as unbelievably thick as it was a few years ago, but still worth the trip.

As I incrementally increase my distances, today I figure I ran about 5 miles, not counting a couple thousand feet of vertical. I felt good, but still am trying not to overdo it in the interest of building up slowly so I can show the nephew and niece a good piece of Montana in about a month.

Gorgeous morning: 50-60 degrees and sunny with a refreshing breeze. Met two women about my age (?) starting out from the pass as I finished. They were planning on walking all the way to Alice Creek, which is a nice one-way, but they were going to be VERY hot by the time they finished. Hope they took plenty of water. Vanity plate on her small SUV said "HIKER."

5; 8; 8; 138

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Monday, July 01, 2013

And again

We returned to the river this morning, and I did a slightly longer loop, following single-track from approximately the old smelter stack all the way over to the tunnel. Bushwacked back to the paved trail to catch up with C.

Feeling good, although I fell when gawking at her up on the main trail yesterday and reinjured -- though not as badly -- the ribs I cracked skiing last February. I can feel them, and sleeping is a bit of a grunt. The lesson, as I've told Nora a hundred times while we were out hiking: Stop to Gawk.

3.5; 3.5; 3.5; 133
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

River with C

Charlotte and I have come onto a nice summer routine of running/walking together. Today, as we did Friday, we drove to the F&G headquarters and went toward Rainbow Falls on the trail. We just agree on an amount of time (half an hour today) and proceed one way for half that time, then turn around. That gets both of us back to the car about the same time.

Today I did a full loop on the Colter Trail (named for the waterfall that's beneath the Rainbow Dam reservoir, which in turn is named for someone). Felt great. The Yuccas are in full bloom and the river's fairly high. Nice.

3; 25; 25; 129.5
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Made it to Divide (at last)

2013 seems to be a good year for beargrass. This is on the Continental Divide trail north from Rogers Pass this morning.

This is the view this morning from the high spot Nora and I call "Remember Me Ridge."

I surprised myself today be making it up to the top from Rogers Pass without any kind of pain or even excessive sweat! It may be one of the nicest days I've ever seen up there... 65 degrees, calm and sunny. Wildflowers abound.

I just went down the ridge a quarter mile or so, made a couple of "guess where I am" phone calls and ran back. It was 25 minutes up; 18 minutes down. Given the more than 1000 feet vertical, I'll call it

4; 22; 22; 126.5
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Back yet again!

The tall man says howdy for the first time in many months, this time early in the morning below Giant Springs on the River's Edge Trail.

The yucca are in full bloom. This was a good specimen; clusters elsewhere, when I didn't have the phone handy, were more spectacular. AND the beargrass is blooming bigtime on Rogers Pass -- I'll shoot tomorrow when going to run on the Divide.

After busting ribs on a ski trip in early February, I've been a nonrunner, trying to be a writer and mostly living the rich and full life of a retired guy. But last week, C and I flew to Virginia to spend a week with my friends there, and he patiently nursed me back into the fold. We ran on the Robious Landing Park trails each morning, and we were up to more than 2.5 miles by the time I left.

We got back to GF just before midnight Wednesday, and I ran while my oil was being changed Thursday, then again this morning with C, who walked/ran on the River's Edge Trail while I renewed my friendship with the Colter Trail. It was a beautiful morning. I'm going to total the last week's runs below, then post a photo or two from this morning. Feeling good, having lost about 60 pounds since October. Oh my, I'm back -- at age 63!

2.5; 18; 18; 122.5
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reverse return trip

It snowed an inch or two overnight, but was frozen so I returned to the sceneof yesterday's run, what with the ground being frozen, etc.

I did my usual down to the ravine, but picked up the trail of a walker with a dog down by the Crooked Falls Overlook, so deviated from the usual and took the bluff trail to the right on the inbound phase in order to not overlap with him (why?). Anyway, that was nice, then met another guy coming up the east side of the ravine on the return trip. He was friendly, but seemed surprised to see someone out there.

It was chilly -- 23-25 degrees with a stiff breeze in my face on the return -- but sunny and beautiful. No wildlife; no other remarkable things. I think I'll run in the hoods tomorrow in order to gauge my speed (slow, I think). Feeling good though.

5.5; 17; 41.5; 104.5
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