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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back on the Humbug with little smoke

The usual vista point on the Humbug Contour Road, shot only to show how the smoke is just hanging at the north side of the valley today. The air where I ran was actually pretty darn clear.

The sky and view at the turnaround point demonstrates that the air this far (six miles or so south) from the fires was almost pristine today. Felt good chugging a little farther up the trail than I did the last few times with Swi.

About halfway up, in the vicinity of the crack I attributed to our earthquake a few weeks ago, and for a fair distance, I saw tracks like these that I am unable to identify. They probably are some kind of deer or sheep, but they seemed basically round instead of narrow and cloven. About 2 inches in diameter. I was thinking bighorns maybe, but they, too, appear to have deer-like cloven hooves like those of deer or elk.


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Sunday, August 13, 2017

South from Stemple

A photo by friend Swi on the Continental Divide Trail south from Stemple Pass southeast of Lincoln. We went up there to check the water cache for through hikers (left 15 or 16 gallons for them), then went up the CDT the other way to the high ridges between Stemple and the Granite Butte Lookout. It's a steep bugger, I figure something over 900 feet of elevation gain in two pieces totaling about 1.5 miles. I was sucking wind bad at the top of each big up, one about 500 and the other 400.

It was a warm day, exacerbated by the fairly extreme aerobic work.

This is Swi chugging up the first major steep stretch, just off the pass.

Here's Bert catching his breath near the top. Fun and strenuous run.

5; 20; 20; 380.5

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Out of the smoke

We returned to the Humbug Contour Road, earlier in the morning, and repeated the last couple of visits there. Today, Swi dragged me into a slightly faster pace so that I got to my usual 11-to-12-minute milepost at Disappearing Creek in about 10 minutes! I slowed a bit and let Bert go ahead with the agreement that we'd turn around at 30 minutes.

The above is looking uphill from my turnaround spot, which is farther than it has been but not as far as Swi's. I'd guess he got about half a mile ahead of me, and so ran closer to 6 than to my 5.

This is looking downhill from the same spot.

Fixed a big breakfast of leftovers (old hash browns, a couple of pieces of potato pie and a couple of pork chops we grilled last night, plus eggs. Nice. Lazy day ahead.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Over to the Meadow

Today, a little later in the day than usual, I took Bert up to the meadow above where I injured myself last year. This selfie was at our turnaround spot.

Beautiful day; a little warm (70s) as we ran. Saw an eagle and several deer, including a muley.

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Humbug with Bert

On the final stretch, here's Bert going down toward the car on the Humbug Contour Route.

And here's Swi at our turnaround spot with Baldy in the background

It was a chilly morning — in the 40s — thus the long shirts.

Tall man says howdy from the Humbug. Last week we did some power hiking with Swi's friend from Richmond and his brother. 5 miles up the Dearborn and back on a 100-degree day; and a couple of Rogers Pass jaunts with another on Stemple while resupplying the water cache. No thru hikers in more than a week, but the northbounders are reaching southwest Montana now.

Smoke from the fires north of town is visible but not blowing up.

5; 5; 5; 365.5

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Long on the Contour Road

From just yesterday to today, this giant puddle (really big, almost blocking the road a week ago) has all but disappeared.

I ran later today because a morning shuttle appointment got postponed to tomorrow. I shot this from one of the vista points toward the fires, and as you can see they've calmed down a bit today. I think it might be because the wind is more or less northerly, which puts the fires in the lee of Stonewall Mountain.

In any case, the smoke reprieve was welcome. Warmer during the later run, however, ranging from 68 to 78 in the 90 minutes or so of shuffling.

Here's the turnaround spot, a faded trail that cuts off the last big switchback before the saddle.

Felt pretty good, considering today's run was something of an afterthought.

7; 7; 82.5; 360.5
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Smoky morning

The wind died down overnight so the smoke from the two fires north of town settled in. It wasn't bad up on the Contour Road, but you can see that there's a layer of smoke over the valley. I went a little short today because I have a shuttle soon.

The absence of precipitation the past week shows in the puddle I photographed a few days ago when it was brimful. Now it's more than half dried up.

Felt fine, but was off my feed a bit yesterday (thus the skip). 45 when I started today; low 50s when I finished.

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